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  • Maxpedition Vulture 2

    Bug Out Bag Checklist: 21 Essential Categories

    Having a bug out bag checklist will make building your own bug out bag a whole lot easier. But instead of telling you each item of survival gear that you need, I think I’ll show you the different categories that you need to consider when …

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  • Heirloom gardening produces a much more diversity than hybrids.

    Survival Gardening Part 2: Heirloom Gardening

    Sure, everybody says you should use heirlooms when you’re survival gardening, but just because a seed says ‘heirloom’ doesn’t guarantee it’s going to grow. If you have problems keeping those hybrid seedlings alive every year then you’ll probably have even more trouble trying to raise …

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  • Having a survival garden will keep your family fed during hard times.

    Survival Gardening Part 1: Are You Really Prepared?

    As the economy continues to tank and grocery prices continue to rise, survival gardening is becoming more than just a pastime. For some, it’s quickly becoming a way of life. I don’t blame them. Growing your own food is one of the healthiest and most …

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  • A pet survival kit is essential if you love your pet.

    What To Include In Your Pet Survival Kit

    A pet survival kit may be the furthest thing from your mind right now but should an emergency arise you’ll be wishing you’d taken the time to put one together.  Obviously, in the event of an emergency, you’re going to take care of your family …

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  • Svalbard Seeds

    Survival Seeds: What to Look For

    Survival seeds and seed banks are all the rage lately: There is even a global survival seed bank (the Svalbard Global Seed Vault) that has been set up with hundreds of thousands of seed samples to help the planet recover in case of a worldwide …

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