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  • Electronic Survival Gear

    Survival Packing List: 12 Cool Tools that Make Surviving Easier

    I often cover the basics of survival gear; but there are survival tools that take survival to the next level and make life in the field much more bearable. For instance, the image above shows a neat little solar charger that can charge all of …

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  • Gerber Off Road Survival Kit

    Gerber Off Road Survival Kit

    The Gerber Off Road Survival Kit is a compact survival kit put together by Gerber that is designed to fit under the seat of  your car. The folding 12″x11″x3″ kit is kept together in a Ballistic nylon case and is kept closed with two snaps. …

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  • Paracord Sling

    Alternative Survival Weapons: The Sling

    One of the basic philosophies governing survival is redundancy. Two is one and one is none. I’m not just talking about having redundant survival gear…such as having both a survival knife and a tactical tomahawk to help procure materials for a shelter and defend yourself… …

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