James Sorick

Hi, my name is James Sorick and I am the man behind this website. I am a Army Infantry veteran who wants to help people learn about the “stuff” they need to be prepared for an emergency. A few of my many interests are: self-sufficiency, natural remedies, and renewable energy. I believe that every individual has the right and the responsibility to maintain all levels of safety and security in their life.

I’ll be the first to admit that being prepared for the disruptions that life will throw at you is not a task for the meek. Nevertheless, you still need to be prepared with the skills, tools, mental toughness, and physical stamina to survive. If you won’t set the example for your family who will?

I understand that it can be a daunting task to learn the skills and choose the survival gear that you need…I have been there. My goal is to provide you with quality information to help you make those decisions…along with links to websites to help learn more about them and acquire them.

It's time to take ownership of your families survival. You are their best hope.