Gas Masks and respirators are just a few of the pieces of survival gear that you could need.

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Survival Gear doesn't always have to be something as drastic as a can be something as simple as a pocket knife or a water purification bottle. The key is to know what gear you need for your environment.

Firefighters and their survival gear.

It doesn't matter what kind of disaster you are going to come up need to be prepared. Having the right survival gear will help you stay a little closer to your comfort zone and might even save your life.

Your children deserve to survive.

Survival Gear isn't just for hardcore survivalists is important for you and your family too. Don't get caught experiencing the regret of not being prepared...

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  • The coming Food Shortage

    3 Steps To Survive The Coming Food Shortage

    Food supplies are getting very tight worldwide. Food riots started last week (Jan 5, 2011) in Algeria after there was a sudden price hike for many staples such as flour, sugar, and oil. The violence quickly spread to Tunisia where the death toll continues to …

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  • Hand Grain Mill

    How A Hand Grain Mill Can Help You Survive

    If you are going to be storing whole grain as part of your food preparedness solution, then a hand grain mill is the tool you need to break it down into flower. Sure you can cook the grain as is, but by reducing it to …

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  • Bug Out Bag Essentials

    Bug Out Bag Essentials

    If there is anything scarier than facing a disaster it must be facing a disaster unprepared. That’s why I am going to discuss bug out bag essentials…the gear you need in case you have to “bug out” quickly.  With a little bit of planning you …

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  • Survival Food Stored In Pantry

    Survival Food Basics

    One of the most important factors in any survival situation is having enough survival food to eat. I say survival food because the stuff in the refrigerator and freezer is going to spoil very quickly without power.Even owning all of the best survival gear in …

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  • Some think the leatherman wave is the best multi tool.

    Six Qualities Of The Best Multi Tool

    When disaster strikes, (did you just break out in a sweat?) you are going to need survival gear to help you get through the crisis. You may already have some gear stashed in a bag and be more prepared than 90% of the people with …

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  • The best survival knife is the one you have with you.

    How To Choose The Best Survival Knife

    Choosing the best survival knife for your particular needs can be an intimidating task. The key is understanding how you will be using the knife for and knowing the environment you will be using it in. Will you be batoning or chopping wood? If so, …

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  • This Survival Water Bottle is a LfeSaver

    This Survival Water Bottle Will Save Your Life

    Out of all of the crazy ways to die, I bet you have never considered that you might die because you don’t have a source of clean drinking water. Yet that is exactly what might happen if you are ever caught in a disaster without …

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  • Survival Gear comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Learn What Survival Gear You Need

    No matter how often I research survival gear, I have the same thought pop into my head: This should be a lot easier! It seems like the companies and online warehouses that sell survival gear and camping equipment just assume that everyone knows what they …

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  • Emergency bivy sacks make good survival shelters.

    Bivy Sacks: The Essential Survival Shelter

    Bivy Sacks, also known as bivouac sacks, are small, lightweight, waterproof, shelters that work well as emergency survival shelters. I consider bivy sacks to be an essential survival tool that everyone interested in survival needs to have in their arsenal of survival gear. They were …

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  • CRKT Minimalist

    The Skinny On Neck Knives

    Survival knives come in all shapes and sizes, and can be carried almost anywhere on the body. Neck knives make great survival knives because they are easy to put on and use, and are difficult to lose. They are a good way to carry a …

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