Gas Masks and respirators are just a few of the pieces of survival gear that you could need.

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Survival Gear doesn't always have to be something as drastic as a can be something as simple as a pocket knife or a water purification bottle. The key is to know what gear you need for your environment.

Firefighters and their survival gear.

It doesn't matter what kind of disaster you are going to come up need to be prepared. Having the right survival gear will help you stay a little closer to your comfort zone and might even save your life.

Your children deserve to survive.

Survival Gear isn't just for hardcore survivalists is important for you and your family too. Don't get caught experiencing the regret of not being prepared...

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  • Cold Steel Special Forces Throwing Shovel E1318624546227

    Survival Gear Review: Cold Steel Shovel

    Out of all of the weapons and tools that Cold Steel makes, perhaps my favorite is the Cold Steel Shovel. Cold Steel got their inspiration for their shovel from the Soviet Spetznaz shovel and executed their vision with precision.The Cold Steel shovel is in my …

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  • Ready America Home Survival Kit

    Home Survival Kits Aren’t Just For Survivalists Anymore

    Not too long ago many people thought that home survival kits were needed only by those crazy survivalists who are readying themselves for the next big doomsday scenario. However recent natural and man-made disasters in the U.S. (i.e. Hurricanes Katrina and Irene), Japan (earthquake and …

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  • The Luggable Loo is a good emergency toilet.

    Emergency Toilet: The Luggable Loo

    Believe it or not, there is a piece of survival gear that is designed to take care of that messiest sanitation aspect of survival. The people over at Reliance have come up with an excellent solution to the age old problem of having an easy …

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  • This Tarp Shelter weighs less than 6oz

    Tricks To Mastering The Tarp Shelter

    When it comes to sheltering yourself in a bug out scenario few things are as lightweight or as versatile as a tarp shelter. Most tents weigh much more than a tarp and aren’t nearly as versatile as a tarp shelter. Simple plastic sheeting and 55 …

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  • Do you have a good earthquake action plan?

    Earthquake Action Plan For Home

    In some parts of the world earthquakes are a real pain in the butt and anyone that doesn’t have an earthquake action plan is begging for trouble. Within just a few minutes you can loose everything; your home, your possessions, and even your life. Large …

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  • LBE Can Be Used As A Survival Belt Kit

    Five Reasons Why I Like A Survival Belt Kit

    One option for carrying your survival gear is to carry it on a survival belt kit. It does not necessarily have to be like the Vietnam era LCE  that I carried while in the Army (pictured right), modern gear will work just fine. A belt …

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  • car survival kit

    Survival Gear List For A Car Survival Kit

    Many people that start prepping for disasters don’t consider making a car survival kit right away. That is a big mistake if you spend any significant amount of time in your car. Heck, some people spend so much time in their vehicle that it is …

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  • Kids Bug Out Bag

    Kids Bug Out Bag

    Having a bug out bag for your children is just as important as having one for the adults. Kids like to feel important and to be treated with honor…giving them the responsibility to carry their own survival gear will do that nicely. Kids today are …

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  • EDC Bag

    The EDC Bag Survival Gear Checklist

    The EDC Bag (Every Day Carry Bag) is a day bag filled with the gear you carry every day. These packs are just an inconspicuous day pack like everyone carries around in the city…the main difference for survivalists is ours have survival gear in them. In …

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  • Tactical Pen

    Tactical Pens For Survival

    When people hear of tactical pens for the first time they often think of James Bond. James Bond used several different kinds of these pens in the movie series; a pen gun, a pen that was filled with acid, and a poison pen. Today’s tactical …

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