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  • Heirloom gardening produces a much more diversity than hybrids.

    Survival Gardening Part 2: Heirloom Gardening

    Sure, everybody says you should use heirlooms when you’re survival gardening, but just because a seed says ‘heirloom’ doesn’t guarantee it’s going to grow. If you have problems keeping those hybrid seedlings alive every year then you’ll probably have even more trouble trying to raise …

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  • Having a survival garden will keep your family fed during hard times.

    Survival Gardening Part 1: Are You Really Prepared?

    As the economy continues to tank and grocery prices continue to rise, survival gardening is becoming more than just a pastime. For some, it’s quickly becoming a way of life. I don’t blame them. Growing your own food is one of the healthiest and most …

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  • Svalbard Seeds

    Survival Seeds: What to Look For

    Survival seeds and seed banks are all the rage lately: There is even a global survival seed bank (the Svalbard Global Seed Vault) that has been set up with hundreds of thousands of seed samples to help the planet recover in case of a worldwide …

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  • Pantry

    Survival Food Storage: A Quick Rundown

    Survival food storage is the practice of stockpiling food for emergencies and disasters. It is a practice that has been in use since the dawn of civilization. In Genesis 41:29-36 God warns the Pharaoh of Egypt that 7 years of abundance will be followed by …

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  • The coming Food Shortage

    3 Steps To Survive The Coming Food Shortage

    Food supplies are getting very tight worldwide. Food riots started last week (Jan 5, 2011) in Algeria after there was a sudden price hike for many staples such as flour, sugar, and oil. The violence quickly spread to Tunisia where the death toll continues to …

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  • Hand Grain Mill

    How A Hand Grain Mill Can Help You Survive

    If you are going to be storing whole grain as part of your food preparedness solution, then a hand grain mill is the tool you need to break it down into flower. Sure you can cook the grain as is, but by reducing it to …

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  • Survival Food Stored In Pantry

    Survival Food Basics

    One of the most important factors in any survival situation is having enough survival food to eat. I say survival food because the stuff in the refrigerator and freezer is going to spoil very quickly without power.Even owning all of the best survival gear in …

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  • Mess Kit

    Tips For Choosing Your Survival Mess Kit

    One thing that you may not have considered for your bug out bag is a survival mess kit and lightweight stove. In your rush to get the kit completed, you might have only packed power bars and peanut butter for your bug-out pack. Of course …

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