Survival Seeds: Do You Need Them?

Svalbard Seeds

Survival Seeds: What to Look For

Survival seeds and seed banks are all the rage lately: There is even a global survival seed bank (the Svalbard Global Seed Vault) that has been set up with hundreds of thousands of seed samples to help the planet recover in case of a worldwide disaster.

Just like that giant seed bank, the small ones that are available to consumers can be a safeguard for a family during a disaster. Think about it. If you have the ability to grow your own food during a major disaster that causes a food shortage, your chances of survival are increased a lot. For that reason (and many more) survival seeds should be included with your home survival kit.

Survival seeds are often enclosed in waterproof containers to help protect them.

A simple but effective survival seed bank.

Survival Seeds are definitely not a scam.

That doesn’t mean that their aren’t unscrupulous marketers out there (in CyberSpace) that are inflating their prices and generating ridiculous amounts of fear on their sales-page. It also doesn’t mean that all of the survival seeds that are sold in seed banks are of the same quality…they are not.

The quality of the seeds should be your biggest concern:

  • Make sure that the seeds are all non-genetically modified (non-GMO). These seeds are much safer for you and your family because they were created by Almighty God instead of the Almighty Dollar. For a breakdown of GMO risks visit
  • You want your survival seeds to be non-hybrid (open-pollinated). Non-hybrid seeds can be collected to produce a crop next season. Most hybrid seeds won’t germinate.
  • They need to have good Viability (germination rate) and Vigor (the strength and speed of growth once germinated). These to values are inseparable…the seed will never become a mature plant unless it germinates and is strong enough to push up through the soil.
  • The Size and Maturity of the seeds is also very important. Seeds that have been allowed to ripen to full maturity before they were harvested will have greater Viability. A large seed will have more nutrients stored to help produce a Vigorous seedling.
  • The seeds should meet or exceed the Germination Standards set by the Federal Seed Act.
  • The survival seeds should be certified organic, if possible. It can be difficult to find a seed company that has seeds that meet all of these criteria. I consider the criteria for the seeds to be certified organic to be the least important.

Check out this video: it has some good information.

Do a lot of research before you buy. The time you spend in research will pay you with quality seeds that can feed your family for a long time. One thing that you can look for when searching for non-GMO seed companies is the Safe Seed Pledge. Signers of this pledge affirm that their seeds are not genetically modified. A short list of some of the companies that have taken the pledge is at . surprisingly has some good deals on non-GMO, heirloom survival seeds:

Average Rating:

total customer reviews…

Average Rating:

total customer reviews…

Some other good heirloom seed companies to consider:

You don’t have to wait for a disaster before you plant the seeds from your seed vault. You can plant now and start feeding your family highly nutritious and delicious fruits, herbs, and vegetables right away. You will also lower your grocery bill substantially. Your gardening skills and knowledge about germination will be fine tuned so that you know what to do when a food shortage or another crisis happens.

If you choose wisely a survival seed vault can be one of the best investments in your families welfare. Take your time and choose well.

Featured image credit: Global Crop Diversity

  1. Maureen J.
    Maureen J.12-15-2011

    I think this is a fantastic idea. Our family has passed down garden and plant seeds thru the generations. I want to teach my children to continue to harvest seeds not only for a positive future, but in case of catastrophe or survival needs. I’m going to buy a seed vault and also check in with my children’s teachers to see if they would like them for classroom projects.

    • James Sorick
      James Sorick12-15-2011

      That is a great idea about the classroom project. Let me know how it turns out if they actually do it.

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