Survival Gear Review: Swiss Army Volcano Stove

Swiss Army Volcano Stove

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove: Flexible, Lightweight, Durable, & Inexpensive

I have been meaning to write about the Swiss Army Volcano Stove for a while. It is one my favorite pieces of Military Surplus survival gear. It works great as a lightweight hiking stove, a camping stove, and as a survival stove. You might have never heard of it, but by the end of this article I bet you will want one.

 The Swiss Army Volcano Stove: Intelligently Designed Three Piece Stove

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is a military surplus stove kit that comes with a canteen cup, an aluminum insulated bottle with a cork, and a multifuel stove. The canteen cup holds two cups of water while the aluminum bottle holds just over a liter. The aluminum bottles cork is not the ideal way to cap a bottle, but it is functional. If you want, it’s easy enough to replace the bottle with one that has a screw top.

It fits perfectly into the Condor H2O Pouch if you want a bag for it. It also fits well inside old surplus French Army gas mask bags if you can find them.

There are 4 features that I like about the Swiss Army Volcano Stove:

It is Flexible: A Truly Multifuel Stove

Multifuel simply means that it can use multiple sources of fuel to burn. Boy does this little stove deliver in that department! The Swiss Army Volcano stove works with solid fuels like Esbit and Trioxane solid fuel tablets. You can also put gel fuel burners like Sterno, and alcohol burners like the Trangia Spirit Alcohol Stove inside it. None of those fuels are my favorite though. My favorite fuels are those that you can forage at the last minute when you don’t have a ready made fuel source. It will burn twigs, leaves, bark, pine sap, and any other fuels you are able to find around your camp.

This Stove is Lightweight

The Swiss Ranger Stove (another name for this stove) is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs in at only 14 ounces. It’s not doesn’t fall in the ultralight class of stoves, but is still lightweight enough to appeal to most minimalist hikers and survivalists. For under a pound, it sure has a lot of function and versatility!

It Has Military Grade Durability

The stove is made of aluminum but the walls of all three items are thick enough to make them last for hundreds of uses. Aluminum will melt though at 1,221° F, so don’t over heat your stove. Note: Always heat the cup and bottle with a liquid inside it to avoid overheating “accidents”.

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is also Inexpensive.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this stove. It has the same features as the much more expensive Kelly Kettle, at 1/4th the cost.

Here is the Swiss Army Volcano Stove in action using sticks as a fuel:


The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is a great stove that boils water quickly with many different fuels, including foraged fuels. I find the fact that it can be used without having to carry fuel to be a great plus. Of course you shouldn’t just take my word for it. Find out if the Swiss Volcano Stove works for you. And please always remember to test your equipment before you have to use it.

You can buy the Swiss Army Volcano Stove at the Survival Gear Store. →

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