The Waka Waka solar lamp is water resistant.

Survival Gear Review — Waka Waka Solar Lamp

We have all seen solar LED lamps before, they sell them in most big-box stores to light up walkways and accent gardens. It was only a matter of time before someone took the concept of the solar led to the next logical step and designed a solar lamp that is intended for indoor use. It could be used in Third World countries that burn dangerous kerosene to light the night, thereby reducing global CO2 emissions. That is exactly why the people over at Off-Grid Solutions designed the  Waka Waka solar lamp. That’s a great reason to design a great product, but this solar lamp has much more potential. I think it has tremendous value also as an emergency/survival lamp or a camping lamp, in First World countries!

Waka Waka on a bottleThe Waka Waka solar lamp has an innovative feature that makes it easy to charge and use. It has a hinged cutout on the back that allows the unit to be placed on top of a water bottle. This allows the user to face the Waka Waka towards the sun to better charge the lamp. After it is charged it can be flipped over to use and better direct the light toward the user.
The Waka Waka has 4 different brightness modes and an SOS beacon mode for emergencies:

5 Different Modes

  1. Super Bright Mode (120 lumen). This mode is only active for 30 seconds, and then switches to Bright Ambient Light Mode to conserve energy.
  2. Bright Ambient Light Mode (60 lumen). 8 hours of light on a fully charged battery.
  3. Bright Reading Light Mode (30 lumen). 16 hours of light on a fully charged battery.
  4. Night Safety Light Mode (6 lumen). 80 hours of light on a fully charged battery. This mode is bright enough to safely move around a room.
  5. SOS Beacon. This is activated by pressing down and holding the switch for three seconds. It flashes SOS in Morse code.

Waka Waka Features

  • The lamp uses a highly efficient (18% efficiency) 0.75W mono crystalline solar cell. The life expectancy of this cell is over 10 years. This very efficient cell is capable of charging the battery in even overcast conditions, or when the cell is not directed towards the sun correctly. It will even charge with artificial light.
  • Energy Savings Mode. When there is only about one hour of light left on the lamp, it will automatically switch to a lower setting to conserve energy.
  • One hour of sun charge under optimal conditions equals 2 hours of Bright Ambient Light (60 lumen).
  • The casing of the Waka Waka is designed for extreme outdoor conditions. It is resistant to UV rays, heat, rain, and dust.
  • The LED lamps in the Waka Waka are super bright and produce 60 lumen at 0.5W.
  • The battery used is a rechargeable 800 mAh NiMh battery (3 x AA size) that lasts about 500 charging cycles before it begins to degrade. That equates to about 3 years of every night use before the batteries need to be replaced.
  • It has a blinking green light on the top of the unit that indicates the battery is charging. The faster the light blinks, the quicker it charges.
  • In optimum conditions the unit will charge fully in 8 hours.

Here is a good Video Review of the Waka Waka:


The Waka Waka solar lamp is a very innovative piece of gear. It has the capability to turn nighttime into productive time no matter what conditions you find yourself in. Its simplicity and ease of use are almost magical, and its reliability is quite remarkable. They are a smart investment: I recommend you include them in your emergency/survival kits, with your hunting/camping gear, and in your vehicles emergency kit. You won’t be disappointed.

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