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  • featherstick

    Survival Gear Video — How to Make a Feather Stick

    One of the most important survival skills is the ability to make a fire in less than ideal weather conditions…even if all of the wood that you find is wet. It doesn’t have to have rained for wood to be damp, even a heavy dew …

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  • Using a firesteel with natural tinder

    Survival Gear Video — Using a FireSteel With Natural Tinder

    FireSteels are wonderful survival tools: they are waterproof, inexpensive, small enough to carry on a key chain, and very reliable. They require a tinder though to start a fire. That’s why many survivalists carry either natural or man-made tinder with them in their EDC kits. …

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  • When choosing a compass, Suunto is among the best.

    Survival Gear Video: Choosing a Compass

    The Crawling Road on YouTube does a good job in this video of highlighting features that are desirable in civilian compasses. The instructor in the video teaches in an easy to understand manner that will allow even the novice to comprehend what to look for …

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