How to Choose a Compass

When choosing a compass, Suunto is among the best.

Survival Gear Video: Choosing a Compass

The Crawling Road on YouTube does a good job in this video of highlighting features that are desirable in civilian compasses. The instructor in the video teaches in an easy to understand manner that will allow even the novice to comprehend what to look for when choosing a compass. Heck, even seasoned land navigators might learn a thing or two.

He showcases the Suunto M-3G Global Compass which is an excellent choice if you are a world traveler. This compass has a global needle, which works anywhere on the planet. If you don’t travel that much and stick to the Northern Hemisphere then the more affordable Suunto M-3DL Compass is also an excellent choice.

In the video he talks about declination and shows a declination map. What he is talking about is magnetic declination. If you don’t know what declination adjustments you need for your location you can find out easily online. The US Government has a great tool that will compute the magnetic declination of your city. Just input your zip code or your city’s latitude and longitude. Here is the link: NOAA’s Geophysical Data Center

Alright then, enough of my rambling. Enjoy the video! And if you need a question answered on choosing a compass, please leave a comment.

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