Using a firesteel with natural tinder

Survival Gear Video — Using a FireSteel With Natural Tinder

FireSteels are wonderful survival tools: they are waterproof, inexpensive, small enough to carry on a key chain, and very reliable. They require a tinder though to start a fire. That’s why many survivalists carry either natural or man-made tinder with them in their EDC kits. I prefer natural tinder like Guatemalan fatwood: man-made tinder can create noxious fumes.

If you have owned a FireSteel fire-starter for a while, it has probably occurred to you that you might not have any tinder with you in a survival situation. That’s alright, there is an abundance of natural tinder in the wild that works just as well (if not better) as any man made tinder. Natural tinder is free and easy to use with practice. Make sure you do practice…reading about a skill or watching a video isn’t nearly as important as  acquiring the hands-on skill.

This excellent video by iawoodsman highlights how to use a FireSteel with natural tinder. Enjoy!

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