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  • Poncho Liner

    Best Survival Gear | Poncho Liner

    One of my favorite pieces of survival gear is the poncho liner. It gives warmth, comfort, and a sense of peace whenever I’m wrapped in it. I’m not alone in that assessment. It is beloved by soldiers, vets, spouses, kids, dogs, cats, and others the …

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  • How to choose a facemask.

    How to Choose a Face Mask for Pandemic Flu Outbreaks

    Every year the government gets worked up about people getting flu shots. They try to guess what strain of influenza is going to the next big one: Is it going to be the H1N1 swine flu virus, the H5N1 bird flu, or a completely new …

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  • Soldiers using signaling mirrors.

    Signal Mirrors – Survival Gear that Gets You Found

    If you ever get yourself in a situation that finds you injured, with your vehicle broken down far from civilization, or lost in the bush; you need to be rescued. The best way to do that is to send a distress signal to your rescuers. …

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  • Miltary Surplus Gear for survival

    Military Surplus Survival Gear — Where to Find It and What to Expect

    Members of the military put themselves in harms way all of the time. That is why they carry so much gear: they need to be  prepared at a moments notice to fight and survive with what they are carrying on their back. When the military …

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  • Electronic Survival Gear

    Survival Packing List: 12 Cool Tools that Make Surviving Easier

    I often cover the basics of survival gear; but there are survival tools that take survival to the next level and make life in the field much more bearable. For instance, the image above shows a neat little solar charger that can charge all of …

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  • Stocking Stuffer

    Cheap Survival Gear Stocking Stuffer Ideas

    Here is a refreshing idea. Buy survival gear to put into the stockings for your loved ones this holiday season. It is a great way to increase your families preparedness level while taking care of what is often a last minute scramble…the need to fill …

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  • lightweight survival gear

    Lightweight Survival Gear

    Decades ago,when I was a young man in the Army infantry, I sometimes marched 25-30 miles a day with a heavy (65 lb) rucksack attached to my back. Sometimes we had to march through sticky, muddy fields and ended up with around 20 lbs (at …

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  • Bug Out Backpack

    Choosing The Bug Out Backpack

    Choosing a Bug Out Backpack  should not be very difficult…any backpack will do in a pinch. Heck, your bug out bag can even be a duffel bag, a messenger bag, or even a fanny pack if you don’t want to carry it on your back. …

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  • Survival Gear comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Learn What Survival Gear You Need

    No matter how often I research survival gear, I have the same thought pop into my head: This should be a lot easier! It seems like the companies and online warehouses that sell survival gear and camping equipment just assume that everyone knows what they …

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  • The Luggable Loo is a good emergency toilet.

    Emergency Toilet: The Luggable Loo

    Believe it or not, there is a piece of survival gear that is designed to take care of that messiest sanitation aspect of survival. The people over at Reliance have come up with an excellent solution to the age old problem of having an easy …

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