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Cheap Survival Gear Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Here is a refreshing idea. Buy survival gear to put into the stockings for your loved ones this holiday season. It is a great way to increase your families preparedness level while taking care of what is often a last minute scramble…the need to fill the stocking. The items don’t need to be expensive; many good pieces of gear can be bought for $7 or less. Here are some good survivalist stocking stuffer ideas that are all $7 or less.

Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Survivalists

A paracord bracelet makes a cheap, practical stocking stuffer.Paracord Bracelets make wonderful gifts. They are stylish and provide a good source of cordage in case of an emergency.

Lightload towels majke an inexpensive stocking stuffer. Lightload towels will make a nice addition to all of your survival packs. They are made from 100% viscose which is a fiber that is more absorbent than cotton and microfiber.  They are small and lightweight enough to include with your EDC gear but will be just as welcome in your bug out and home kit. Besides being used as a towel, they can be used as fire tinder, as a wash cloth, as a first aid gauze, and many other applications.

Emergency ponchos are the stocking stuffer that will keep you dry in an emergency.Emergency Ponchos are important to keep you dry. They measure 50″ by 80″ and include a hood. They are made of a thin plastic and are meant for one use, but are perfect if you don’t want to pack a complete rain-suit with your survival kit. There is also a children’s emergency poncho for your kids.

Stormproof matches can start a fire in even the wettest conditions.UCO Stormproof Matches are probably the best storm-proof matches available. They will light when wet with no problem and will relight when dunked in water. They will also stay lit when you try to forcibly blow them out. They also make an excellent storm-proof matches case. I recommend them highly.

Light my fire tindersticks burn hot and are great for survival situations.Light My Fire TinderSticks are made from a fatwood pine that is grown in Guatemala and Mexico and burns very easily and very hot. Just shave off a few splinters and you will have a fire going even in damp an wet conditions.

An emergency sleeping bag can be the stocking stuffer that saves a life.Emergency Sleeping Bags are Mylar blankets that are sewn together to help prevent heat loss. They will help keep warm on a cold night and could provide enough extra protection to save your life.

This SOL emergency blanket is much more durable than regular mylar blanketsAdventure Medical SOL Emergency Blanket is and upgrade on the average Mylar emergency blanket. This blanket is sturdier and can be folded and reused until you are ready to throw it away.

Signal mirrors help rescurers locate people in need of rescue.Helenbac Signal Mirror is an excellent signal mirror that is made out of ¼” laminated glass instead of cheap plastic like other signal mirrors. The back of the mirror has the instructions on how to use it printed. Signal mirrors are important to signal rescuers and can be seen for 20 miles in good conditions. I suggest also purchasing a signal mirror pouch to help protect the optics of the mirror.

Water purufication tablets kill all of the harful bacteria and other pathogens in contaminated water.Potable Aqua Water Tablets are a good way to kill any pathogens in your drinking water. They are an improvement over regular iodine tablets because they neutralize the iodine taste and smell from the treated water. Just use one tablet per liter of water and wait 30 minutes.

A survival whistle can be heard much further than the loudest shout.The Storm Safety Whistle is one of the loudest whistles in the world. An excellent choice for an emergency whistle; even a child can make this whistle scream!

Survival knives are an essential part of your survival gear.The SE Hunting Knife with Fire Starter is a bargain. The knife sells for aroun $6 at Amazon and is a full tang knife blade made of 440 Stainless Steel. It needs sharpening out of the box but that is easy to do. The fire-starter works well. The handle was wrapped poorly with some cord but that can be remedied easily by re-wrapping it with 550 paracord.  If you don’t know how to do that their are videos on YouTube that will show you. This knife is a lot of “bang for the buck” and is worth the little bit of extra work.

This little credit card sized kit is a great backup.The Wenger TravelCard Multitool is a cool tool that is credit card sized and fits perfectly in your wallet. It includes a sharp little knife, a pair of tweezers, a signal mirror, a bottle opener, a nail file and a flat-blade screwdriver.

Folding saws are practical to have around a survival camp.Coghlan’s Sierra Saw is a great folding saw for the money. The blade locks to prevent injury and will never need sharpening.

Paracord is the cordage of choice in survival situations.550  Paracord is a very versatile cordage that has dozens of survival and emergency uses. It should be in every survival kit.

Emergency food bars are  a cheap stocking stuffer that you can bug out with.Datrex 2400 Emergency Food Bar – This is a single emergency ration bar that will provide minimal calories, protein, and B vitamins to sustain an adult for 3 Days. The bars actually taste pretty good and will satisfy hunger. They have a shelf life of 5 years at room temperature.

This pack of 4 sporks is great for the office and kids lunches too.4 Pack of Light My Fire Sporks are sturdy, very functional, and good looking. They are much better than plastic throw away utensils. Great for the office and kids lunches too. The Swedish company Light My Fire also makes what they call the Spork Little that are designed for toddlers and small children.

CRKT Eat n Tool is a great multi-use utensil.CRKT Eat n Tool is another good emergency utensil. This one is made of stamped stainless steel and has a bottle opener, a flat screwdriver head, and 3 metric wrench reliefs (10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm). The E n T weighs only 1-1/2 ounces.

These GSI nesting mug and bowls are perfect for bug out bags.GSI Nesting Bowl and Mug  will allow you to eat with style when you bug out. The insulating sleeve keeps the food hot and the low center of gravity of the bowls makes them difficult to spill when they are set on the ground.

This is the perfect keyring flashlight.True Utility 3 Compact LED Microlite is a bright little 3 LED flashlight that is designed to go onto a keyring. These flashlights are great because you never have to hunt for a light.

Every survival kit needs a good compass.The SE Lensatic Compass is a decent Military style lensatic compass for a very inexpensive price. For survival purposes it will do a more than adequate job of pointing you in the right direction..

That is my list of survival stocking stuffer ideas.

I hope you found it helpful If you did please share it with your friends and family!

Featured Image  by: Andrew Malone

  1. Becky

    This is exactly what I was looking for; cheap survival gear to give my family for Christmas. Thanks!

    • James Sorick
      James Sorick12-12-2011

      I’m glad that I could help.

  2. Aimee L.
    Aimee L.12-15-2011

    I have never seen such a great list of stocking stuffer ideas related to survival. You would truly be giving the gift of life. You never know when disasters will happen. I am going to order from your store and be Survival Santa! (p.s. I’m now subscribing to your blog)

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