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No matter how often I research survival gear, I have the same thought pop into my head:

This should be a lot easier!

It seems like the companies and online warehouses that sell survival gear and camping equipment just assume that everyone knows what they want, and why they want it. Tell me, what good are web-pages full of poorly described survival equipment it if you, the visitor have no idea of what you need in the first place?

Sure, you can research to find out what gear you need to survive a crisis, but even with the power of the internet that can take many boring hours! There doesn’t seem to be a good consolidated source of the information. No one that decides they need to be prepared and starts buying survival gear knows what they are doing at first. Just like anything else in life, deciding on what survival gear you need is a process.

Because of those shortcomings I have developed a personal goal to help educate you about survival gear– to better prepare you for any future crisis. Out of that goal came this website. It isn’t much but is mine to share with you. I hope you like it.

Now I will be honest with you. I am a one man show. If my posts don’t come every day it is because I wear all the hats around here. I’m a husband, father, grandfather (17 grand-kids and counting), article writer, SEO wizard (I wish!), survival gear expert, researcher, professional window washer (my “other” job)…recovering from a bad fall last year that shattered my right ankle. Plus, I never have been a fast writer anyway…preferring the great outdoors to sitting behind a desk.

What is the goal of Survival Gear Guru?

The goal here is to educate you about survival gear without burying you in too much knowledge (information overload), and to provide you with links to other articles and outside resources that will help you make your decision. You will be provided information only on good quality equipment; I see no use in covering the mediocre. I hope this site serves you well.

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