Emergency Sanitation: The Luggable Loo

The Luggable Loo is a good emergency toilet.

Emergency Toilet: The Luggable Loo

Believe it or not, there is a piece of survival gear that is designed to take care of that messiest sanitation aspect of survival. The people over at Reliance have come up with an excellent solution to the age old problem of having an easy way to set up a toilet when the porcelain kind isn’t available; the Luggable Loo.

Now I’ll be honest with you, this thing is nothing more than a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat and lid attached. That is the beauty of the Luggable Loo , it is both simple and easy to use. Just lift the seat cover, squat, and do your business :oops: . The seat snaps securely to the bucket and the bucket wont tip as long as it is on flat ground.

How Do You Clean The Luggable Loo?

To make clean up easier (and more sanitary) it is a good idea to line the Luggable Loo with a plastic bag. Reliance makes 6 mil bags (Double Doodie Toilet Waste Bags) specifically for this purpose, or you can just as easily double bag the small bathroom trash-bags.

What About The Odor?

Another smart thing to do is put something inside to absorb the smell. Cat litter works OK, but Reliance again has come up with a solution with their Bio-Blue Toilet Deodorant. The Bio-Blue is granular just like the kitty litter and isn’t messy like some liquid products that are available. It deodorizes the offending mess very well.

How About Privacy?

Privacy for the Luggable Loo

Pop up tents are nice accesories to the Luggable Loo.

If you need some privacy when doing your business, there are some nice Privacy Pop-Up Tents that are made just for that purpose. They take less than a minute to erect and are easy to take down and store.

When you are storing the Luggable Loo it can be used as a container to hold more survival gear. You might not want to store food in it, but it can hold plenty of other gear.

You might not think that an emergency toilet is a very important piece of survival gear, but I think it is. If you have to camp in your yard after a disaster (like many did in Christchurch) and no water or sewer lines are working, you will need a sanitary way of organizing and disposing of your human waste. The Luggable Loo and it’s accessories will do the job very well.

Here is a short quirky video demonstrating how to use the Luggable Loo.

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