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Survival Packing List: 12 Cool Tools that Make Surviving Easier

I often cover the basics of survival gear; but there are survival tools that take survival to the next level and make life in the field much more bearable. For instance, the image above shows a neat little solar charger that can charge all of your mobile gear. Although these items can’t be described as basic survival gear, they will nevertheless be appreciated in any survival situation and you would be wise to include them on your survival packing list.

Snare wire has many uses.
Solar chargers can charge your cell phone and other electronic devices.
Snake bite kits can suck out the poison from many different creatures, not just snakes.
Survival Pocket Chainsaws can help a lot with cutting tree limbs for shelter and firewood.
Yo Yo Fishing Reels are a wonderful invention that can do your fishing for you while you are busy doing other chores.
Plastic bags have many important survival uses.
Tactical Tomahawks can do much more than chop wood.
Poison Ivy/Oak Soap will be your best friend if your get into any poison ivy or oak.
Survival whistles should be carried by everyone during a crisis...especially the children.
If there is something better for clearing light brush than a machete...I have not discovered it yet.
Survival mirrors can signal for help if you need it...and are useful for shaving too.
Shovels can do a lot for sanitation and other apects of setting up a survival camp.

12 Items to Consider for your Survival Packing List:

  1. Pocket Chainsaw:  This is a man-powered chainsaw. These are perfect for cutting limbs quickly and  easily. By attaching a rope you can toss it into a tree and cut a branch well up into the tree.
  2. Tri-Fold Shovel: Also is known as an E-Tool. These compact tools fold up into about a 9-11 inch long shovel and usually come with a nice sheath to carry it. The Gerber E-Tool is virtually indestructible.
  3. Camping Mirror: Camping mirrors are both small and lightweight. They are important not only for grooming, but are great for signaling aircraft and other search and rescue personel if you are lost.
  4. Machete: There is nothing better to clear light brush than a machete.
  5. Snakebite Kit: These work great not only for snakes, but for bee and wasp stings, spider bites, scorpion stings, centipede bites, and other bug bites.
  6. Survival Whistle: These whistles are loud. They are designed to be heard over long distances. Some are as loud as a jet engine or loud rock concert. If you are ever lost you definitely want one of these. They can be heard about ten times further than the loudest shout.
  7. Poison Oak/Ivy Soap: This soap work wonders when you get exposed to poison oak, ivy, or sumac. It significantly reduces the itching feeling and begins the drying and healing of the sores.
  8. Solar Charger: If you own a cell phone, digital camera, GPS, or mp3 player; then this is a must have item.
  9. Tactical Tomahawk: These aren’t just for chopping wood, but are also an excellent weapon if you need one. I wrote an article about the tactical tomahawk illustrating their usefulness and I think everyone should include one in their survival packing list. It’s a very versatile tool that is great during breaching operations, when removing obstacles, and when you need to dig into frozen or hard ground.
  10. Plastic Trash Bags: These should be in every survival kit. The larger the better…I like the 55 gallon. They can be made into makeshift ponchos, just cut out holes for the head and arms. When stuffed full of leaves they make a warm waterproof blanket. Cut open and place one into a depression to capture rainwater for drinking. Cut open they also make a good waterproof tarp for making shelters and ground cloths. Put your perishable food inside and lift high into a tree with some 550 paracord to keep the food away from animals. There are many more uses, just use your imagination.
  11. Yo-Yo Fishing Reel:This wonderful invention makes catching fish easy. They are made of steel and have a spring inside that automatically hooks the fish when the fish takes the bait. Just attach them to a limb over the water, put bait on the hook, and leave. You can do other stuff while the Yo-Yo does all of the hard work. They work very well on Catfish and Crappie. Good videos are available on YouTube that show how to use them.
  12. Snare Wire: Snare wire is a galvanized steel wire that is very strong and ideal for many survival needs, including making snares,trip wires, hanging cooking pots, and mending broken stuff. Military surplus Vietnam era trip wire can be found on ebay. Fishing leads and guitar strings can be used too.

Some of these items are heavy/bulky and won’t be carried by the ultralight crowd, but they all have merits worthy to consider. No matter what, you should consider including them in your survival packing list or simply adding them to your existing bug out bag. One thing is for sure; you will be glad you have them in your personal survival kits when disaster strikes.

It's time to take ownership of your families survival. You are their best hope.