Basic Survival Gear For Home

Basic Survival Gear

Basic Survival Kit

With all of the disasters that are happening all over the world, more and more people have come to realize that they need a basic survival kit stocked with some basic survival gear to help them get through a disaster. These disasters have proven over and over again that the public services of our modern world quickly become taxed far beyond their limits. If you want to survive the next disaster that strikes your hometown, you need to learn how to provide for your own basic survival needs and have at least a basic survival kitto meet those needs. Before you can learn how to provide for your most basic survival needs, you need to know what those needs are. The most basic human needs are water, food, air, sleep, and the ability to keep your body’s temperature at 98.5°F. Therefore you will need some basic survival gear that will hydrate, feed, and shelter you. You will also need some gear to help keep you warm and allow you to sleep. Put them all together in a bag and you have a basic survival kit! The entire survival mindset is all about prevention; preventing dehydration, starvation, hypothermia, heat stroke, suffocation, violence, kidnapping, slavery, and homelessness. Those last four are part psychological; we all want to feel safe from violence, being kidnapped for ransom or sold into slavery, and having our home taken from us. The best way to safeguard against those is by having a group of armed friends/family to back you up. There is greater security in numbers.

These are just the minimum things you need to survive for a few days. This is not a comprehensive survival gear list!

My bare bones recommendations for a basic survival kit:

  • Have a minimum of 5 gallons of water per person in your home kit.
  • Have a minimum of 3 days of non perishable food set aside for each person in the home.
  • Tarps and tents are important parts of your basic survival kit.

    Tarps make good survival shelters.

    Have some tents or tarps to protect your family from the weather just in case your home isn’t habitable.

  • Have some warm blankets or sleeping bags for the whole family.
  • Own a weapon to protect yourself. If handguns are legal where you live get a handgun or two, otherwise a rifle, shotgun, club, knife, machete, or anything else you can think of will be much better than nothing.

If your family is small or you live alone find like minded people in your neighborhood that you can team up with during the emergency. By sharing resources, gear and manpower you will have a better chance of surviving. One way to get this process going is to buy a generic basic survival kit or even a more deluxe kit like the one below for your family. That way you will have at least started the process of being prepared for disaster.

Once you have your basic survival kit you will have taken the first steps to preparedness. There are of course many more items that you need to add to your survival gear to be better prepared…and much to add to your survival skills, but at least you will have taken the first basic steps to survive a disaster. I hope you don’t stop at a having just a basic survival kit; please continue to increase your survival knowledge, skills, and level of preparedness.

  1. David and Jennifer
    David and Jennifer12-15-2011

    Recently we had to endure a power outage due the hurricane that came up the east coast. We weren’t prepared, who would have thought a hurricane was going to his New Hampshire and Vermont?? So we had a family discussion on being more prepared in the future and we are going to buy survival kits and put together even more items.

    • James Sorick
      James Sorick12-16-2011

      Thanks for the comment guys.That is the whole idea of this site…to help people become more prepared. Don’t just buy kits though…you need to also practice with all of your survival gear and continue to add to your survival skills. Keep up the momentum!

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