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Choosing The Gear For Your EDC Keyring

An  EDC Keyring is a small collection of tools that attaches to your keyring. Other EDC kits might go with you in your car or even to your office but not be on your person at all times (like when you go to the bathroom). The EDC keyring is different because your keys can easily stay with you at all times.

Having a bunch of small gear on a keyring ensures that you always have access to some very useful items. There are plenty of gadgets that you can put on a keyring and more are made every year.

Some of the things that can go on a EDC Keyring are:

That is a lot of stuff for a keyring and I am in no way saying that you will need all of it…these are only suggestions. You need to figure out which items you will really need and add only those. Ask yourself “If I could only carry 5 or 6 items with me at all times, what would they be?”

If you don’t want to carry all of the gear on a split keyring there are other systems. You can use a keyring carabiner or a small stainless steel stamped D shackle. Both will give you more room to add gear when you need to. You will want to keep your EDC keyring flexible without making it to bulky though.

You can also add things to your main EDC keyring with 550 Paracord. For instance, if your main vehicles key is on a long paracord looped through the keyring, you can remove it and put it around your neck for easier access.

The combinations of how you can put together your EDC keyring are many. Have fun putting one together and keep on tweaking it until you are satisfied that you have the most useful keyring of anyone that you know.

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