72 Hr Survival Belt Kit

LBE Can Be Used As A Survival Belt Kit

Five Reasons Why I Like A Survival Belt Kit

One option for carrying your survival gear is to carry it on a survival belt kit. It does not necessarily have to be like the Vietnam era LCE 

LCE (Load-Carrying Equipment) and LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) are virtually the same thing…just from different time periods.

that I carried while in the Army (pictured right), modern gear will work just fine. A belt with several pouches will carry all of the gear you need for a day or two. It is an excellent lightweight bug-out option that I think you will like.

I am going to suggest some gear for you to carry on your survival belt kit. These are only suggestions; don’t hesitate to configure your belt kit to meet your individual needs.

Gear For Your Survival Belt Kit

First off you need a good utility or web belt.

Both leather and nylon belts work fine; nylon has the advantage of being waterproof. A good top grain oiled leather belt should last just as long as a nylon belt. If you want one of the nylon military pistol belts they are readily available at military surplus stores.

On the belt you will need some pouches to carry your survival gear. I suggest that you don’t purchase the open style nail pouch but get the kind that closes securely.

Some people also like to carry a holster for their handgun…again it’s entirely up to you.

In the pouches you can carry all sorts of survival gear such as a multi-tool, some food bars, a poncho, a fire-starter, a survival whistle, a compass, a flashlight, or anything else that you decide you need. Keep foremost in your mind your personal needs and the environment that you will be subject to when wearing this belt kit.

Some other items that are easy to carry on a belt kit come with their own sheath or pouch; a survival knife, a canteen, a survival saw,

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and a first aid kit. If the piece of gear can be easily carried on a belt and you want to include it, why not do so?

Gerber Survival Kit Is The Perfect Size For A Survival Belt Kit

Bear Grylls Survival Kit works well on a Belt Kit

Five reasons that I like a Survival Belt Kit:

  1. It is very lightweight. If you need to run with it it will not wear you out.
  2. Easy to put on and take off. Grab and go never was easier.
  3. Everything on the kit is easy to access. No digging through layers of gear to get that certain tool.
  4. If you decide that you need to carry more items it is easy to throw on a backpack or messenger bag without disturbing your belt kit.
  5. A survival belt kit won’t break the bank. You can find many of the items of gear at an Army Surplus Store.

Carrying a survival belt kit is a smart alternative to a carrying a fully outfitted bug out bag. It is easily and quickly transformed into whatever configuration you want, and is very quick to deploy. It can be taken just about anywhere and it wont wear you out while wearing it. Also, if you ever decide that you need additional gear it will easily accommodate the change. Build one for yourself and you will soon see what I mean.

Check out this video that shows a 72 hour survival belt kit:


Image courtesy of: http://firebird_one.webs.com/

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