Why Is NASA Warning About Solar Storms?

2012 Solar Flare

How To Survive A Solar Storm

A Solar Storm is a natural disaster that has the ability to wreck complete havoc on modern society. They have the ability to shut down power grids, and even mess with our satellite communications. A Solar storm has the potential to be a crippling natural disaster to societies infrastructure.

What is a solar storm anyway?

Every eleven years or so the suns magnetic field flips (South becomes North and North becomes South) and shoots out bursts of radiation into space…sometimes hitting the relatively small planets. Most of these bursts have only given glancing blows to the Earth during the last 150 years…thank goodness. Believe me, you will know when one hits head on. NASA is warning us that we might get a big Solar Storm in 2012 or 2013.

The Last Major Solar Storm Was Over 150 Years Ago

The last time that a Solar Storm hit the Earth with a significant impact was back in 1859. Back then modern communications were in their infancy and the telegraph didn’t even stretch all the way across the United States yet. When the storm hit it shorted the telegraph wires all over the United Sates and Europe and even caught some buildings on fire.

Modern engineers have calculated how strong that storm was by analyzing the damage done to those telegraph wires, and the results are quite scary.

If a Solar Storm of that magnitude were to hit the earth today, it could cripple our culture and in effect send us back to a simpler time…such as in 1859. Satellites could be wiped out, whole power grids could go down, entire continents could have their lights go out. Governments might collapse if they can’t communicate and coordinate. It won’t be a pretty sight!

There are things that our governments can do to protect against this coming storm; whether they do them or not we will have to wait and see. I’m not that hopeful…most times governments only act after the disaster hits. There is something that you can do though that will prepare you for this scenario.

You can just turn it all off. Take a weekend and camp out in your house or out in the woods if you want. Don’t use your cell phone, watch TV, listen to the radio, or do anything that requires modern technology. This will be a great time to use all of your survival gear that is in your bug out bag. Learn how to deal with life without it’s modern conveniences. You will learn some things.

You will learn that life can go on without electricity. You will also find that you are refreshed from the experience. You had more time to enjoy yourself, your family, and this wonderful world that we live in. You were able to clear your mind…and reboot your brain. You will discover that you are more productive and you have a better appreciation of your life, and the miracles of technology.

Afterword go ahead and get back with your electronic gadgets and other modern conveniences and enjoy them. Practice being without them once a year or so to keep your survival skills honed. Then someday in the future when a Solar Storm happens you will relax, because you know that you can survive.

Image by: NASA

  1. Glenn

    While I think I have Luddite tendencies and wish we weren’t so technology dependent, a solar storm would be a disaster of incredible proportions. And we shouldn’t think it can’t happen in our lifetime, solar flares already disrupt communications! So this is something to definitely consider when you are planning for every contingency. Don’t overlook a solar storm catastrophe!

    • James Sorick
      James Sorick12-15-2011

      Wow, I had to look up what a Luddite is.

      You are right to be concerned. Of all the natural disasters that can happen where I live, a major solar storm is the one that concerns me the most.

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