Leatherman Charge TTi Review: The Best Multi-Tool

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Leatherman Charge TTi Review: Survival Tool Extraordinaire

The Leatherman Charge TTi multi-tool is a great tool that any outdoorsman or survivalist would love to have. It’s a multi-functional pocket tool that carries many important tools in one small convenient package.

The Leatherman brand has been around since around 1983 when Timothy S. Leatherman practically invented the multi-tool market with their first product; “Mr. Crunch”. Since then, the company has kept a reputation as one of the best producers of multi-tool devices. When you hear the brand Leatherman, you immediately associate the name with high quality and innovative tools.

This brand also makes a succession of tools that carry improvements from their last offering. The  Leatherman Charge TTi is in fact inspired by two other Leathermans: the Leatherman Charge AL and the Leatherman Charge ALX. They took the best features of those two multi-tools and combined them with a few new features; premium titanium handle scales and the premium S30V® stainless steel clip-point knife. The Leatherman Charge TTi is one of the companies latest offerings, and carries what I consider to be the most advanced design of all Leatherman products.

The Leatherman Charge TTi is made very wellThe Leatherman Charge TTi Product Features

    1. Clip-point blade design – The Leatherman Charge TTi is made of S30V® stainless steel. This provides for the best possible combination of toughness, resistance to wear, and resistance to corrosion.
    2. Titanium handle – The handle on this Leatherman multi-tool is made of alloyed titanium materials. This makes the tool not only lightweight but highly resistant to rust and corrosion as well.
    3. 19 Tools – This tool has it all; from scissors to wire cutters to cutting hooks and a can opener. You can also customize the bit selection so that it will work well with your type of lifestyle and activities.
      • Regular Pliers
      • Needle nose Pliers
      • Wire Cutters
      • Wire Crimper
      • Wire Stripper
      • 420HC Serrated Knife with Cutting Hook
      • 8 in | 19 cm Ruler
      • Bottle Opener
      • Can Opener
      • Diamond-coated file
      • Hard-wire Cutters
      • Large Bit Driver
      • Large Screwdriver
      • S30V® Stainless Steel Clip Point Knife. The blade keeps its edge well.
      • Saw
      • Scissors
      • Small Bit Driver
      • Wood/Metal file
      • Lanyard/Ring

The vits that are included are: Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglasses Screwdriver Bit, Hex 5/32, Hex 1/16″ and .050, Square Drive #2 and #3, Screwdriver 1/8″ and Torx #15, Philips #1-2 and Screwdriver 3/16″

Here is a good video review of the Leatherman Charge TTi.

The Leatherman Charge TTi Improvements Over Previous Models

The Leatherman Charge TTi is a high-end, ultra compact and all-around great pocket survival tool. Its design is intended to outperform and outlast all other brands and models of multi-tools. The 420HC blade of the knife holds an edge very well and is the best that Leatherman makes.

Compared to previous models from the same brand, the Leatherman Charge TTi model’s knife blade is bigger and wider. Thus, it provides a more accurate cutting edge functionality. The pliers are also made to be stronger too; so this tool can withstand up to 133% higher squeezing load than previous models. And even the locking strengths have also been greatly improved; by having 50% more strength, you need not worry about this tool breaking apart or coming unhinged while you’re using it.

The Pros

  • Versatile – This may be a lightweight tool but it packs a lot of features. It carries so many of the necessary tools that you need for outdoor activity that you won’t need to carry many other tools with you.
  • Tough – This is a tough multi-tool intended for tough and challenging jobs. It can easily carry out any required tasks without breaking apart.
  • Functional – The Leatherman Charge TTi is incorporated with all-locking blades that make the unit easy to use in all types of jobs.

The Cons

  • Some customers find the Leatherman Charge TTi to be a little expensive compared to other similar multi-tool devices. But note that this particular model from Leatherman is also tougher and more functional than other brands and models of pocket survival tools.

What Customers are Saying

  • Very well made with high quality materials, weighs very little considering all the features packed into a very small package.”
  • I don’t leave my house without it. Never take it off my belt.”
  • This is a VERY tough knife, and probably won’t break for you unless you’re 260lbs with muscle, and have a bone-crunching grip.”

How Much Should Your Expect to Pay for the Leatherman Charge TTi?

As of this writing, the Leatherman Charge TTi is priced at around $130 at the Amazon.com site.

Does the Leatherman Charge TTi Include a Warranty?

Yes. Leatherman backs the Charge TTi model with a 25-year warranty.


Here’s our overall assessment of the Leatherman Charge TTi:

Value for your money (Is it affordable?) – 9 out of 10

Performance (Does it perform well?) – 10 out of 10

Ease of use (Is it easy to handle and manipulate?) – 10 out of 10

Features (Does it carry a lot of features?) – 10 out of 10

As you can see, we are giving the Leatherman Charge TTi an overall rating of 9.75 out of a perfect 10. If it wasn’t for the price (which is almost double than other brands and models) it would have gotten a perfect 10.

Still, if you’re looking for an all-around pocket survival tool that you can rely on for many tough outdoor jobs, then we highly recommend the Leatherman Charge TTi for you. It may be more expensive than similar types of multi-tools available on the market today but it is also more useful and versatile. The Leatherman Charge TTi is well worth the money and its 25-year warranty is an obvious proof of its quality. Once you get your hands on one you will probably never go anywhere without it.



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