Mora Knives

Mora Knives are great for bushcraft.

A Few Reasons I Love Mora Knives


Perhaps the best survival knives for bushcraft use are the inexpensive Mora Knives. These knives come razor sharp out of the box and are very durable. They are also easily maintained. The most impressive fact for me though is that they make many of these wonderful knives for $30 or less!

These simple belt-knives are favored by survivalists and bushcraft experts the world over. Mora Knives are made by smiths in the town of Mora Sweden using the same Medieval methods that have been used for centuries.

Until 2008 their have been two large knife making companies in Mora making these wonderful knives; KJ Eriksson and Frost. Now they have merged into the “Mora of Sweden” brand.

When forging their famous Carbon blades the Smiths of Mora start with a roll of three ply steel: a middle section of high quality crucible steel (hardened to 61-62 on the Rockwell scale) sandwiched between the two tough lower carbon steel sides (hardened to 58-60). They stamp out the blade and then give it a flat Scandinavian grind that produces a factory razor sharp blade. The end result is a robust blade that is difficult to break that holds its edge well and that can even cut iron and other softer steels.

Mora Knives

Mora Knives are great for Bushcraft.

Their carbon blades aren’t the only stars though. They produce a very robust stainless blade that is made from Swedish stainless Sandvik 12C27 that holds its edge well. This is my preferred steel when working around water.

Almost all of the Mora knives come without guards, just like kitchen knives. Guards aren’t needed unless you are using the blade to fight or are using it in a slippery situation such as when cleaning deep inside the body cavity of a large animal.

The sheaths aren’t anything special, but they are functional. They are made of plastic and have clips or loops to attach to a belt. They provide a hole in the bottom of the sheath to drain water. One thing that I like about the sheaths from Mora is the knives never fall out, even when jostling them vigorously.

Excellent Mora Knives:

The Mora Bushcraft Series Triflex

is a good example of a Mora carbon blade. This one comes with a 4-1/2″ long x 7/8″wide x 0.098″ thick blade with a olive-colored slip resistant plastic handle. The sheath for this knife has a swivel belt loop.

Another of the Mora Bushcraft series is the Mora Bushcraft Series Force Knife.

This one is stainless but otherwise identical to the Bushcraft Triflex Carbon.

The Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife

(formerly known as the Mora 2010) is another knife in their Bushcraft series. This knife has a high tensile grip with a forefinger groove and a thumb grip on the top of the handle. The blade comes with two different bevels and is designed to be ideal for preparing game. The sheath comes with a swivel clip that is a vast improvement to a fixed clip.

Here is a good video about Mora Knives:

All of these Mora  Knives were designed from the ground up as a bush-craft or survival knives. They aren’t designed to be used as a pry-bar or a machete, but for all other bush-craft and camp requirements this blade will perform remarkably well for the price.

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