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  • Steripen

    Survival Gear Review | SteriPEN UV Light Water Purifiers

    There are many ways to treat and sterilize water. There are high tech ways, low tech ways, and lots of in-between ways. One isn’t necessarily better than the other but redundancy is important. Remember the old military saying: “Two is One and One is None”. …

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  • Katadyn pocket water filter

    Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review

    If you have been looking for a rugged, high quality water filter to include with your survival gear, you should consider the Katadyn pocket water filter. Why Should I Filter Drinking Water? There are many benefits to using a filter for drinking water. For survival …

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  • The lifesaver bottle purifies even the dirtiest water.

    Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Review

    The Lifesaver Bottle 4000 is a water filtration bottle that was inspired by the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit in December 2004 and then again the next year when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The inventor, an expert in water filtration recognized the immediate need …

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  • SODIS Method

    SODIS Solar Water Disinfection

      The SODIS method of solar water disinfection is a simple method that disinfects water using the rays of the sun. SODIS stands for Solar Water Disinfection. It is very easy to do. All you need is a PET bottle filled with the contaminated water …

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  • This Survival Water Bottle is a LfeSaver

    This Survival Water Bottle Will Save Your Life

    Out of all of the crazy ways to die, I bet you have never considered that you might die because you don’t have a source of clean drinking water. Yet that is exactly what might happen if you are ever caught in a disaster without …

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