The Lifesaver Bottle 4000: A Real Lifesaver

The lifesaver bottle purifies even the dirtiest water.

Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Review

The Lifesaver Bottle 4000 is a water filtration bottle that was inspired by the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit in December 2004 and then again the next year when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The inventor, an expert in water filtration recognized the immediate need for a hand-held water filtration bottle.

Lets face the facts: the entire world’s supply of clean water is threatened. An effective means of portable water filtration has become almost a necessity for survival.

Launched in 2007, the Lifesaver Bottle quickly won an award for; “Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement” at the 2007 Soldier Technology event.

Today, the LIFESAVER company is trusted by the Armed Forces to purify the drinking water for its soldiers.The Lifesaver Bottle is also used by humanitarian relief organizations to help put an end to the 42,000 deaths that occur weekly from contaminated water.

The Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Product Features

  1. The lifesaver bottle gives purified water from even the dirtiest water source.

    The lifesaver bottle can save your life in the field and during emergencies.

    It cleans and sterilizes water. The Lifesaver Bottle can eliminate all types of microbial contamination in the water without using chemicals.

    The Lifesaver Bottle 4000 won’t remove dissolved salts from ocean water, Dissolved salts are too small even for the Lifesaver Bottle!
  2. It has built into it a fail-safe operation. This means that when the filter has expired it will shut off so that you can’t drink any contaminated water.
  3. Replaceable filters – This filtration bottle has a replaceable cartridge filter that can effectively treat up to 4,000 liters of contaminated water. Each unit is also equipped with an activated carbon insert and a pre-filter disc to help the filtering process and extend the life of the main filter cartridge.
  4. You can filter up to 750 ml of water in less than a minute of pumping.
  5. It is a self-contained system that is perfect for any survival situation. Just fill the bottle with the cleanest water that is available and pump; you can drink directly from the bottle immediately.

Lets take a look at the Lifesaver Bottle 4000 in action:

Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Product Description

The Lifesaver Filtration Water Bottle is a great survival tool that weighs only 22 ounces. This compact water filter is watertight and has a snap-fit lid that guarantees leak-free performance. In might seem complex, but it is actually very simple to use. Just remove the base of the bottle and fill the Lifesaver 4000 with any type of water, and pump. The purified water will  can immediately drank from the other end.

The Lifesaver Bottle can filter bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other harmful elements present in the water. In fact, even the bad taste and foul odors of contaminated water can be filtered out.

The Pros

  • Portable – Because the Lifesaver 4000 is so portable, it is the perfect accessory for outdoor adventures. It is also ideally suited for survival situations and should be included in your survival kits.
  • Convenient – The Lifesaver Bottle is an efficient device for water purification. You don’t need to go through the process of boiling water or adding chemicals to the water. I will choose purified water over chemically sterilized water every time given the choice.
  • Easy to use – The filtration bottle can quickly provide you with drinking water in less than 1 minute.

The Cons

  • Some consumers find the Lifesaver Bottle to be somewhat expensive. Please note that this isn’t just any ordinary water bottle though. It’s really a portable filtration system that’s built into a water bottle. As long as you can find a source of water, you can have immediate access to filtered drinking water.

What Customers are Saying

The Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle has an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars at the site. Here are some of the customer reviews that you will find on said site:

  • I love the product. Several friends are getting it for the summer canoe season.” S. Indrithison (Canada)
  • No power, and you’re drinking pure water. Really, totally, pure water.” M. Keller (New York)
  • I think the product is worth the extra money you pay. I will recommend it to anybody going on international travel.” P.A. (USA)

How Much is the Lifesaver Bottle 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle?

The Lifesaver 4000 water bottle is priced between $110.00 — $150.00 at the site. The price includes shipping and handling.

Does it Include a Warranty?

Yes. The Lifesaver Bottle is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always use the cleanest water source you can find. Doing so will ensure the longest possible lifespan of your cartridge.
  • Once the Lifesaver bottle is used the first time, the membranes of the cartridge need to remain wet at all times. When storing the bottle always leave a little water in the bottle.
  • Details on how to use the Lifesaver Bottle can be found in this instruction manual.
  • The replacement activated carbon inserts aren’t very expensive.  A four pack costs about $27 as of this writing. They should be replaced about every 250 liters.
  • The replacement Pre-Filter Disc should be replaced dependent on use every 6-12 months. They cost about $10 for a two pack at Amazon.
  • After about 4000 liters the cartridge will stop working and it will need to be replaced. The Lifesaver 4000 cartridge costs about $100 at Amazon.  That is just pennies a liter. Not bad when you consider the cost of bottled water from the store.


I highly recommend the Lifesaver Bottle 4000. It might seem expensive to some readers, but it is really a practical device that can save your life. Keep in mind that this is not just any ordinary water bottle, but a reliable water purifier that can produce purified water from even very turbid water for just pennies a liter. With this water bottle included in your arsenal of survival tools, you know that you will always have access to clean drinking water. Indeed, the Lifesaver Bottle 4000 can literally be your lifesaver during a natural disaster.

  1. Matt D.
    Matt D.12-15-2011

    I can use this for camping and other outdoor use, but I think it’s crucial to have for survival too. You can survive on water for days without food and await rescue. But if there is an emergency or something on a larger scale happens, you need drinkable water. This would make a great gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

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