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  • Tips for choosing a survival crossbow

    Tips for Choosing a Survival Crossbow: Recurve vs Compound

    When you get serious about being a survivalist you will get to a point when you consider alternative survival weapons. The standard three projectile survival weapons (the rifle, the handgun, and the shotgun) will work just fine in 99.9% of survival situations. Still, it is …

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  • Paracord Sling

    Alternative Survival Weapons: The Sling

    One of the basic philosophies governing survival is redundancy. Two is one and one is none. I’m not just talking about having redundant survival gear…such as having both a survival knife and a tactical tomahawk to help procure materials for a shelter and defend yourself… …

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  • Tactical Pen

    Tactical Pens For Survival

    When people hear of tactical pens for the first time they often think of James Bond. James Bond used several different kinds of these pens in the movie series; a pen gun, a pen that was filled with acid, and a poison pen. Today’s tactical …

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  • Tactical Survival

    Tactical Survival Gear

    One aspect of survival that needs to be considered when facing a disaster is surviving the human element. You might think that you are 100% ready with food, water, shelter, and some survival gear tucked away in your bug out bag. You could also be …

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  • The Tactical Tomahawk is a good tool to include in your tactical survival gear.

    The Tactical Tomahawk For Survival

    When I talk to people about survival gear the discussion sometimes turns to talk about the tactical tomahawk. Some think that there is no need for any kind of ax to be kept with their kits, others think that a camp ax is all you …

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