Tactical Survival Gear: Because We Are Human

Tactical Survival

Tactical Survival Gear

One aspect of survival that needs to be considered when facing a disaster is surviving the human element. You might think that you are 100% ready with food, water, shelter, and some survival gear tucked away in your bug out bag. You could also be dead wrong. What are you going to do when someone try’s to take your gear from you? Are you prepared to protect your gear or are you going to just hand it over? Do you have any tactical survival gear that will help you overcome the adversary? Do you even know what tactical survival gear is?

Those are some very important questions. You may think that no one would ever try to take your gear from you, but you are wrong. Human nature has proved time and time again that hunger and fear will drive people to do things that they would not normally do.

What Is Tactical Survival Gear?

You might be wondering what tactical survival is. I think of it as a means to gain a short term survival goal. For instance, if you are being assaulted and the assailants have only clubs and knives, then a good tactical plan for you could be to use a concealed handgun if you have one (and know how to use it). Using the concealed weapon is part of your tactical survival plan to deal with the assailants. The concealed handgun and any other concealed weapons are part of your tactical survival gear.

Before you latch onto that idea though, please understand that I am in no way recommending this action, this is just an example. I don’t know you or your level of expertise with weapons. Brandishing a weapon when you have not been properly trained with it can cost you much more than your gear. Any hesitancy on your part or fumbling with the weapon can easily cost you your life.  You need to have an elevated level of situational awareness and tactical skill in order to have an edge.

There are many other things that you can include in your tactical arsenal to help you deal with situations. You can have a set of lock picking tools to help you evade adversaries. You can have several different blades on your body to help you escape if you are captured: a neck knife, boot knife, belt buckle knife, and a wallet knife. A pocket pepper spray may come in handy. There are even tactical writing pens that can be used as weapons.

Wearing clothing and gear that help you blend into your surroundings can be considered tactical survival gear. If you are in an urban environment try not to stand out by “looking” prepared. Having your bug out bag in a tactical backpack with digitized woodland camouflage can only be considered tactical out in the woods; it will make you a target in the city. In the city you will be better served with a daypack or a messenger bag.

As you can see, there are many situations that should be considered when creating your survival strategy, and acquiring your survival gear. Your long term, strategic survival planning needs to be balanced well with some short term, tactical survival planning. Add to that some good survival gear, and the training to use it properly, and you have a recipe that will ensure that you are prepared to survive your next disaster.

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