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  • Stove In A Can

    Emergency Stove Review: Stove In A Can

    So you have been prepping for a while and have a good supply of emergency food stored, but do you have a companion emergency stove stored with your food? Even if you have nothing but food that is already cooked and ready, you are going …

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  • Svalbard Seeds

    Survival Seeds: What to Look For

    Survival seeds and seed banks are all the rage lately: There is even a global survival seed bank (the Svalbard Global Seed Vault) that has been set up with hundreds of thousands of seed samples to help the planet recover in case of a worldwide …

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  • Pantry

    Survival Food Storage: A Quick Rundown

    Survival food storage is the practice of stockpiling food for emergencies and disasters. It is a practice that has been in use since the dawn of civilization. In Genesis 41:29-36 God warns the Pharaoh of Egypt that 7 years of abundance will be followed by …

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  • The coming Food Shortage

    3 Steps To Survive The Coming Food Shortage

    Food supplies are getting very tight worldwide. Food riots started last week (Jan 5, 2011) in Algeria after there was a sudden price hike for many staples such as flour, sugar, and oil. The violence quickly spread to Tunisia where the death toll continues to …

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  • Hand Grain Mill

    How A Hand Grain Mill Can Help You Survive

    If you are going to be storing whole grain as part of your food preparedness solution, then a hand grain mill is the tool you need to break it down into flower. Sure you can cook the grain as is, but by reducing it to …

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  • Survival Food Stored In Pantry

    Survival Food Basics

    One of the most important factors in any survival situation is having enough survival food to eat. I say survival food because the stuff in the refrigerator and freezer is going to spoil very quickly without power.Even owning all of the best survival gear in …

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  • Ready America Home Survival Kit

    Home Survival Kits Aren’t Just For Survivalists Anymore

    Not too long ago many people thought that home survival kits were needed only by those crazy survivalists who are readying themselves for the next big doomsday scenario. However recent natural and man-made disasters in the U.S. (i.e. Hurricanes Katrina and Irene), Japan (earthquake and …

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