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  • Heirloom gardening produces a much more diversity than hybrids.

    Survival Gardening Part 2: Heirloom Gardening

    Sure, everybody says you should use heirlooms when you’re survival gardening, but just because a seed says ‘heirloom’ doesn’t guarantee it’s going to grow. If you have problems keeping those hybrid seedlings alive every year then you’ll probably have even more trouble trying to raise …

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  • Having a survival garden will keep your family fed during hard times.

    Survival Gardening Part 1: Are You Really Prepared?

    As the economy continues to tank and grocery prices continue to rise, survival gardening is becoming more than just a pastime. For some, it’s quickly becoming a way of life. I don’t blame them. Growing your own food is one of the healthiest and most …

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It's time to take ownership of your families survival. You are their best hope.